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AP ART CASA (Consulting Immobiliare) is a real estate broker exclusively focused on the commercial and hospitality sectors in Italy as well as selected international locations. Our team members’ backgrounds uniquely combine commercial real estate and capital markets expertise with the vision to bring an investment banking approach to real estate. As such, we are uniquely positioned to serve the most active real estate investors, both Italian and international, from dedicated real estate private equity funds, international operators up until high-net-worth individuals. 

Antique silver front desk call bell on reception counter. Modern luxury hotel desk in past


  • Asset valuationSell side advisory

  • Operator selection & agreement negotiation

  • Sell-side advisory

  • Buy-side advisory


With a dedicated focus on the commercial real estate sector, our current assignments include hotels, luxury resorts, agriculture/vineyards, student accommodations, shopping centres in some of the most sought after areas and cities in Italy as well as other key destinations in Europe.

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